Jingru ZUO


Senior Postpartum Therapist


Ms. Zuo graduated from Weifang Medical College in 2016, with a Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation Therapy.

Before joining Shenzhen United Family Hospital, Ms. Zuo worked in Beijing United Family Rehabilitation Hospital and the Fourth Medical Center of PLA General Hospital, specializing in postpartum pelvic floor muscle repair, rectus abdominis separation repair, pelvic girdle pain management, and postpartum exercise. She is proficient in guiding body shape recovery, orthopaedic rehabilitation and the treatment of chronic pain in areas like the neck, shoulders, waist and legs, and rehabilitation treatment of various diseases from orthopedics to neurology.

Ms. Zuo has 9 years of clinical practice experience. She has obtained certification from the United States as a Synapse International All Venue Pilates Instructor and a Baby Bod Postpartum Rehabilitation Instructor.

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