Shuwen REN


Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Deputy Chief Physician




Dr. Ren graduated from Jilin University Medical School in 2001. In 2004, she received her Master’s degree in gynecology from Shandong University Qilu Hospital. She served as a visiting professor in Shanghai First Maternity and Infant Hospital in 2011.

Dr. Ren is highly skilled in nutrition and health care during pregnancy, early identification and management of complications in pregnancy, early diagnosis and treatment of dystocia, infertility diagnosis and treatment, diagnosis and treatment of cervical diseases (pre-cancer and colposcopy), and family planning programs.

Before joining Shenzhen United Family Hospital, Dr. Ren worked in Beijing United Family Hospital and Qingdao United Family Hospital for seven years. She won the 2019 United Family Medical Grand Champion in the medical category across all United Family Hospitals.

Dr. Ren has nearly 30 years of extensive clinical practice experience. She is highly proficient in handling obstetric clinical affairs, and can independently complete a series of clinical activities from prenatal checkup to delivery and postpartum health care. In addition to focusing on clinical medicine, Dr. Ren is also an award-winning doctor, and came third place in the Shandong Science and Technology Progress Awards in 2011. She has published more than 10 professional academic papers in national key medical journals. Since 2008, she has been involved in online medical platform consultation, and has provided professional online services for thousands of patients. She is a honorary moderator in Obstetrics and Gynecology section of digital healthcare platform Dingxiangyuan.

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