Shenzhen United Family Hospital’s Department of Anesthesiology is made up of highly experienced professionals, all anesthesiologists come from reputable grade A hospitals with many years of experience in clinical anesthesia. We offer 24 hours 7days and full range of anesthesiology services for all patients requiring different kinds of anesthesia for therapeutic, diagnostic, or surgical procedures, and we concern for your safety and comfort during perioperative anesthesia. In addition, we provide safe and comfortable labor analgesia services for women during the entire labor process, and professional consultation and treatment services for patients with acute and chronic pain. Under the premise of ensuring your safety, our aim is to customize professional and humanized analgesia programs according to your health status and personal wishes, to help you relieve pain, recover quickly and return to health.

Anesthesiology Services

• Surgeries and operations – general or regional anesthesia
• Labor analgesia
• Endoscopy – sedation
• Dental procedures – sedation
• CT scans – sedation for claustrophobic patients
• Pre-anesthesia Clinic
• Pain Management

Operating Room Services

Operating room are divided into central operating rooms, emergency obstetric operating rooms and day surgery operating rooms.

The central operating room has six operating-rooms, including two hundred-level laminar flow purification operating rooms, two rooms of thousand-level laminar flow purification, and two rooms of thousand-level laminar flow purification. All operating rooms are equipped with advanced surgery and anesthesia equipment. The hybrid operating-room is equipped with mobile C arm and digital subtraction angiography (DSA) system, which can not only carry out routine surgery, but also operate minimally invasive cardiac surgery, neurosurgery and vascular interventional surgery under the guidance of modern imaging simultaneously in the same room, and minimize trauma and complications in order for a better overall treatment outcome. The central operating-room carries out general surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, urology, orthopedics, plastic surgery and other surgeries, including endoscopic surgery.

Emergency obstetric operating-room has an operating room of ten-thousand-level, next to the LDRP department, armed with the advanced operation and anesthesia equipment as the central operating room, we are able to quickly respond to the needs of surgical anesthesia in the process of delivery when emergency conditions occur, and ensure the safety of you and your baby with rapid and effective team cooperation support at the critical moment.

Two day-surgery operating rooms provides convenient, efficient and safe operation services for day surgery patients.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive, integrated healthcare services in a uniquely warm and caring patient and family service-oriented environment.

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