The Laboratory of Shenzhen United Family Hospital consists of testing department, blood bank and pathology department. We provide 24-hour service throughout the year, and can provide testing services for outpatients and inpatients of all ages in English and Mandarin. We perform a wide range of tests, including hematology, immunology, chemistry, microbiology, body fluids and pathology, and are committed to providing accurate and fast test results.

Our laboratory is equipped with high-quality automation equipment and has an ideal working environment. All laboratory staff are professionally certified and have extensive laboratory and hospital work experiences.

All laboratory operations are standardized and controlled. We strictly abide by the regulations and standards of domestic and international clinical laboratories. Most tests are assessed through the National Inter-laboratory Quality Assurance Proficiency Test to ensure that test results are consistent with other laboratory test results. We also maintain contact and cooperation with other high-level laboratories and third-party laboratories in China to provide patients with more testing services, such as poison testing, genetic testing and rare disease diagnosis.

We have clinical blood banks that store fresh blood for general and emergency transfusion needs. All blood products come from Shenzhen Blood Center, and blood donors are screened for infectious diseases before storage to ensure their safety and reliability.

Laboratory Services

Our laboratory can carry out more than 600 test items and get the results in a timely manner.
We usually provide the following services:

• Blood and body fluid sample testing
• Biochemical immunoassay
• Microbiological testing
• Toxicology and drug monitoring
• Histopathology (outsourced to a collaborating laboratory)
• blood transfusion
• Donate blood (in cooperation with blood centers)

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