Radiology / Imaging

The radiology department of Shenzhen United Family Hospital can provide multi-directional imaging services for patients. The radiology department has the world’s advanced imaging equipment, including Siemens dual source spiral CT, 3.0T nuclear magnetic resonance, Hologic breast machine, digital X-ray machine and digital angiography system. We can perform a series of imaging operations from simple to complex, and give full play to the outstanding performance of the equipment, which can help the team of medical experts to obtain satisfactory imaging services. At the same time, we have built the Green Channel of CT and Digital X-ray for Emergency patient to meet the first aid needs of critically ill patients.

Imaging Services

The medical imaging service items provided by the radiology department are consistent with the functional tasks of the hospital and can meet the clinical needs. Specifically include:

  • DR: X-ray films of all parts of the body, including Radiographic mobile
  • CT: CT scanning, enhanced CT, CT angiography (such as coronary CTA, pulmonary CTA, etc.), spectral CT and perfusion imaging of important organs in all parts of the body
  • MRI: MRI imaging of all parts of the whole body, enhanced MRI and various functional imaging (such as diffusion, perfusion, spectrum, ASL, etc.)
  • Digital Angiography System(DSA):Angiography and interventional therapy of various organs of the whole body
  • Mammography
  • Dual energy X-ray bone mineral density measurement
  • Ultrasound: ultrasound examination and contrast-enhanced ultrasound of all parts of the body, and ultrasound examination of special parts (such as heart, blood vessels, etc.)

Imaging Examination Time Limit

  • X-ray, CT and ultrasound are available for 24 hours× 7-day examination service for emergency patients (including Radiographic mobile)
  • The Green Channel of Emergency Treatment: Provide the Green Channel of Emergency Examination services (Urgent services)for critically ill patients, implement examination before registration and payment, and timely inform clinicians of the examination results through oral report or written report within 30 minutes.
  • Emergency imaging examination: x-ray report time ≤ 30 minutes, CT or ultrasound ≤ 60 minutes. On the premise that clinicians fully evaluate the safety and clinical necessity of MRI examination, MRI examination of emergency patients can be provided.

Quality and Safety

As the basis of high-quality diagnostic imaging performance, image quality is one of the key elements. In order to ensure the image quality, the radiology department strictly follows the standardized operation guidelines established according to national and international regulations and professional suggestions.

The operation standard of Radiology / Imaging Department of Shenzhen New Frontier United Family Hospital is formulated according to strict national and international safety standards, which can be proved by the certification of International Joint Committee.

The Radiology / Imaging Department works closely with clinical departments. We believe that communication and mutual assistance between multidisciplinary teams can not only enhance cooperation and avoid mistakes, but also improve and improve the level of patients treated.

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